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Who is Azad Chaiwala – Bio, Career, and Institutes?

Millionaire Pakistani businessman Azad Chaiwala was born in the United Kingdom. He is mainly from Mirpur Azad Kashmir’s Bhimber area. He is educating Pakistani youths about entrepreneurship and business. His life’s mission is to convince us that talent is far more essential than a pointless degree. Having a four-year degree that won’t even help you pay your bills is not enough in the real business world; you also need to have the genuine ability to handle problems.

How did He start?

It’s a very interesting story.

When we need anything, such as a smartphone or something else. What are we going to do?
Go to our parents and make a request! It was 1994, and he did the same thing when he wanted a bicycle, but what occurs afterward is what’s intriguing. His parents declined because they were concerned about him. He was only 12 at the time. He made the decision to purchase it for himself. He borrowed 53 rupees from his mother for this purpose and began selling delicious sweets. He gave up after three months. He had 2200 rupees in cash and 700 in stock. And a brand-new bike. This firm was closed because his father disliked it when he returned from Germany. But small tragedies can’t induce passion.

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When he was 14-15 years old, his family financially became unstable. He started working without waiting for an excuse. He started selling chocolates and toilet rolls in the United Kingdom. He worked for over ten years before achieving his first success. But in the meanwhile, he took all the necessary steps for success.

From carpet fitting to delivery, and from working in a store to selling furniture. IT initiatives were also ongoing. He became a billionaire in the gaming sector at the age of 21. Then he traveled to Romania with his father and hired an office for 250 euros. In his first actual workplace, he hired employees and a manager.

Gaming King

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His first successful website is He launched over 650 games with over 2 billion users. Only Dirtbike has 3 billion or more plays. With 700 million downloads in just three studios, his extraordinary success continues (i6, ace viral, game pickle). Aside from that, his thousands of applications and games are now available.

He is identified as a member of the Pakistani gaming mafia by, the creators of Candy Crush.
Not because of his personality, but rather because of his outstanding success as a businessman.

Owned Domains

Another achievement for him was acquiring a domain. He formerly had almost 15000 domains. He currently owns several incredibly valuable domains:

Image from the

YouTube Channel

Yes, Azad Chaiwala is running a YouTube channel. He started it on Nov 12, 2014. He has more than 1.4 million subscribers. He is teaching young people about how to make money, learn skills & become valuable.

Azad Chaiwala Institutes

In 2017, he founded his first for-profit institute in Mirpur, which has already trained hundreds of successful IT professionals. Many students who received new skills from his institute are now producing money, and many others are learning and working toward a career in online earning. Azad believes that skill-based learning, in which everyone learns practical skills and uses them right away, will completely replace the degree. His institute’s slogan reads;

“Don’t waste your time and your parent’s hard-earned money on useless, outdated, theory-based degrees. We provide practical Classroom Based Training in IT Skills in as little as 2 weeks to a few months. Skills are in huge demand within and outside of Pakistan. Enabling you to start earning only in a short period.”

He understood that after successfully running the Mirpur Institute for more than five years, he needed to expand into other places. As a result, he established a new institute in Islamabad in order to train young people. His next target cities are Lahore and Karachi.

Students can choose from six courses at Azad Chaiwala’s Islamabad institution. These courses will teach you advanced abilities in the most difficult areas of information technology. The critics generally agree that these courses are expensive and that the time required to finish them is not worth the expense.

Azad’s answer to this statement throughout the years has been that if students can spend millions of dollars for university degrees that don’t teach you a skill or guarantee a job, they can certainly pay this tiny sum compared to universities.

Courses offered by Azad Chaiwala Institute(Islamabad)

  1. Video Editing (Price: Rs.39,000 )
  2. Videography (Price: Rs.39,000 )
  3. Graphic Design (Price: Rs.39,000)
  4. Programming (Price: Rs.195,000 )
  5. Digital Marketing (Price: Rs.95,000)
  6. Basic Computer Course (Price: Rs.9,500)

Vision of Azad Chaiwala

Azad complains about Pakistan’s outdated and rusted education system in a series of videos, claiming that it is rotten to the core. According to Azad, Pakistani young are lost and there is no one to guide them to the proper road where they may achieve mental and financial tranquility. On the entrance wall of his institute, he has inscribed;

“Over a decade ago, I realized that our elders, the government, and the education system had nothing meaningful to offer to the Pakistani youth and unfortunately a whole decade later, nothing has changed,”

He develops several theories and scenarios in which this flawed system may be fixed, but he is powerless to put them into action on his own. He believes that as more and more young people become successful in their various industries, they will motivate others to put in extra effort and show them the way. Pakistani youth will eventually realize their full potential in an exponential fashion. The billboard also states;

“So I took it upon myself to educate our youth with such skills that instill unshatterable self-belief, make them valuable, as quickly as possible and at the most reasonable cost. Thus they can make money, solve their problems, get married at an early age and take care of their parents.”

Azad Chaiwala is a highly successful entrepreneur dedicated to making Pakistan more skilled. As a result, Pakistanis might transition from consumers to manufacturers.

This man has one of our country’s most valued dreams today. I hope we can all agree on his goal and work together to make Pakistan a better place. #insha’Allah.

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