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How Much YouTube Pays In Pakistan?

How much YouTube pays in Pakistan? This is the question that is most asked by people in society. If you are interested to know how much YouTube pays in Pakistan then you are landed in the right place.

First of all, you all know that YouTube pays handsome amounts of money. YouTube does not pay the same amount of money to all the creators because the making of a dollar depends upon the category in which you are creating content. YouTube has almost 10+ Categories to increase the flow for the audience.

There are two main categories of YouTube are

  1. Entertainment
  2. Educational

You Question 1?

If I’m working in the entertainment category then how much YouTube pays in Pakistan? The answer is YouTube pays less money if you are in the entertainment category,

If I’m working in the Educational category then how much YouTube pays in Pakistan?

The Answer is YouTube pays more money in the entertainment category.

Wait game is not over but the real game is start from here. Pakistan is not a developed country this is why YouTube pays less money but if you have an audience from any developed country like America, Canada, Germany, etc then you got higher income than usual. Many YouTuber in Pakistan like Shahveer Jafry has a major audience from Canada that’s why he has a high-income rate. you can use multiple ways to increase audience from other developed countries.

This way I am talking about only YouTube Views But a Major part of your income depends upon promotional videos. some YouTubers have more YouTube views but their income is low some who have fewer YouTube views have more income due to their promotional videos.

In Pakistan YouTube channel that has technical content, they got more promotions because they have an educated and full video-watching audience. So in my opinion if you have an interest in the technology category you should work on it you will get more promotional videos.

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