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Crispy Chicken Pakora Recipe Pakistani

The picture you are looking at is the presentation of my hard work called chicken Pakora Pakistani. The process to make chikan pakora Pakistani is very simple and exciting until you enjoy cooking otherwise this is not your cup of tea.

However, I am gonna share how I made chikan pakora Pakistani.

  • STEP (1)

First of all, I succeeded to collect all the ingredients. Some of the ingredients are available in every household while others need to be obtained by the market. After collecting the ingredients we need to make up our chicken.

Put the needed amount of chicken in a bowl of a size relevant to the amount of chicken. Then with your clean hands coat all chicken pieces in the cornflour smoothly like you moisturize your hands. Then mix in the rice flour followed by corn flour. Then add masalas chilies, spices, onions, coriander, and 1 tsp of salt. Add other things to your taste. Leave these things for about 1 hour.

  • STEP (2)

Gradually add water around 150ml because slow and steady wins the race but if your guests are in hurry you can add water a bit fast. Add water until your ingredients become moist and ever-so-lightly wet. Don’t add too much water or your chicken will be the fish of your ocean. Jokes apart, adding too much will stop the pakora mixture binding.

  • STEP 3

Bring the lighter, spirit up the stove, grab a pan, and put it on fire. Fill the deep pan no more than a third full with vegetable oil and heat to 180C. Squeeze a small amount of pakora mixture together before carefully lowering it into the hot oil with a spoon (Bonus Technique: Grab an empty Coca-Cola bottle cut it into half then pass the end of your spoon from its mouth and grab the spoon under the bottle so your hand doesn’t fry with chicken). Fry for 8-10 minutes, turning regularly (make sure you do not get lost in TikTok) until cooked through and browned all over. Set aside on a plate lined with kitchen paper while repeating with the remaining mixture, frying in small batches.

Then serve your masterpiece to the awaiting audience with green chutney or chili sauce. If they are good then you should be proud of yourself like I am.

This is the simple process to make a crispy chikan pakora recipe. Hope you enjoyed the blog.

The Blog is written by Humna Rani from the Department of Communication and Media Studies (University of Sargodha)

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