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5 Best Free Video Editing App For Android In 2023

Everyone wants to upload their videos on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and other social media platform. In this digital era, every person wants to make not only videos but the attractive video also. Making an attractive video is only possible video editing app. Most of the apps are not free they charge a fee to give permission to use. No doubt these apps have very advanced features for video editing. But most of the apps available in the market also have advanced features and people are not aware of these apps. In this blog, I give you the list of editing apps that are the best free video editing apps for android in 2023.

Importance Of Video Editing

Video editing plays an important role in this digital era. Whenever someone starts a business they try to make a video and post it to their social media platform for the awareness of the brand. Shot the video is a simple way of capturing motion pictures But unless you don’t edit your video it’s not attractive to viewers that’s why they don’t pay attention to your video. Make sure to create an attractive video.

Benefits Of Video Editing

  • Link your feelings to the video you are watching
  • Save your time by giving the different look to the video
  • Make it easy to add captions to your video
  • Help viewers understand the message

Lis Of Best Free Video Editing Apps For Android In 2023

1. InShot Video Editing App

Inshot is a beginner video editing app for android. No doubt shot is the very first free video editing app for android that’s why most people talk about Inshot. I also edit my first video for my YouTube channel on Inshot in 2019. If you have some time check my YouTube channel also “Sargodha Time“.

Features Of InShot

  1. Inshot is totally free app for android beginners
  2. Simple and easy to use
  3. Understandable interface
  4. Add/replace music in your video and music
  5. add the filter to your videos
  6. Combine the Pictures and add music
  7. Require less storage space

These are some basic features of Inshot. When you use inshot you will explore more features.

Ratings of InShot

  1. 4.6* reviews
  2. 500M+ Downloads
  3. Rated by 3+

2. YouCut Video Editing App

YouCut is also a high-rated video editing app for android in 2023. It also has almost all mobile advanced video editing features. The Main feature of this video editing app is that it also has a video transition effect. These transition effects make your video more attractive. YouCut video editing software is also very easy to use and understandable interface.


  1. 100 Million + Downloads
  2. 5.8Million Reviews
  3. 3+ rated

VN Video Editing App

VN Video editing app is very popular for making slow motion video also known as slowmo. This video editing app is also very easy to use and has all the features that Inshot and Youcut have. If you want to make slow-motion videos you must use vn video editing app.


  1. 100 Million + Downloads
  2. 2Million Reviews
  3. 12+ rated

Video Maker

Video maker is a beginner video editing app for android. No doubt Videomaker is the very first free video editing app for android that’s why most of the people talk about it. This app also has all the advanced features of Video editing like Inshot.

Ratings of Video Maker

  1. 4.5* reviews
  2. 100M+ Downloads
  3. Rated by 3+

5.Capcut Video Editing App for Android

Last but not least capcut is a very popular video editing software but capcut is not easy to use but it has all the features like inshot, YouCut, Vn, and video maker.

Features Of Capcut

  1. Caput provides a lot of effects rather then Inshot
  2. Not easy to use is we compare with Inshot or you cut
  3. Difficult to understand
  4. Ad/replace music in your video and music
  5. Ad More Attractive filters to your video
  6. Require More storage space

Please write down your experience in the comment section.


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